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COVID-19 on the Brain? Here Are 8 Supplements for a Strong Immune System

COVID-19 on the Brain? Here Are 8 Supplements for a Strong Immune System You’re doing your part to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19 — swapping happy hours for Google Hangouts with friends, unrolling your yoga mat at home instead of at your favorite studio, and washing your hands all 👏 the […]

Soil depletion, and why we need minerals more than ever…

The plants we eat support human health in many ways. They provide us with carbohydrates, proteins and fats for energy, and with vitamins and minerals to support the body’s essential processes. These vitamins and minerals are both synthesised in the plant and drawn from the surrounding soil. Unfortunately, the nature of modern farming practice is […]

How I make sure my fussy eater got the necessary minerals he needs.

Educating kids about their own health is key. However when you have a fussy 3 year old that only eats vegetables at nursery and certain fruits at home you really need something to supplement their diet. Life Minerals is fantastic because it can be added to water and taken as a delicious drink. My son […]

7 Reasons to take Colloidal Minerals

Those of us who love plants, understand that when a plant has a mineral deficiency it can make the plant sick and vulnerable to pests and disease. Few people realise however, a mineral deficiency in the human body has similar consequences. Even if we eat a completely organic diet wholefood diet, it doesn’t necessarily mean our food is […]

Who should use Colloidal Minerals?

Even if we were to eat a perfectly healthy, organic diet all the time, the soil in most parts of the world is still zinc, selenium and magnesium deficient. Life Minerals are the best way to replenish this deficiency. People who crave coffee, sweets, chocolate, fatty foods, salt etc. have mineral deficiencies. Life Minerals help […]

What is LifeMinerals ?

We have all heard about how our bodies need certain minerals like calcium and magnesium; however, it’s not often that we hear about how we also need trace minerals. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium are known as macro minerals. Macro minerals are needed by the body in large amounts and trace minerals are […]

What are colloidal minerals ?

Colloidal minerals are groups of mineral molecules held together by special electrical properties, dispersed or suspended in a liquid. To better understand it, when in colloidal form the minerals do not gather at the bottom at the bottle but rather they remain evenly dispersed in the water. Colloidal minerals are able to maintain their own […]