How I make sure my fussy eater got the necessary minerals he needs.

Educating kids about their own health is key. However when you have a fussy 3 year old that only eats vegetables at nursery and certain fruits at home you really need something to supplement their diet.

Life Minerals is fantastic because it can be added to water and taken as a delicious drink. My son really just thinks its Ribena albeit having a green colour! It tastes lovely and best of all makes you feel great too!

Choosing a good colloidal mineral

There are a range of colloidal minerals on the market, some better than others. Like with anything else, ensure you do your research so that you know what ingredients they contain. I’ve been using Life Minerials for the past 2 years. I feel the difference when I’m taking it – I sleep better, have more energy, my skin improves and I feel healthy. Perhaps just as importantly is that I can tell the difference when I’m not taking it – my skin breaks out, I lack energy, I get the 3pm lethargy and I don’t sleep as well.

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