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Colloidal Silver Gel for Yeast Overgrowth

So many people go through life suffering from symptoms like fatigue, yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, itching, headaches and brain fog, etc.  As varied as those symptoms may be, they often have the same cause – a fungus called Candida Albicans.  In the developed world, this condition is much more prevalent nowadays than it was […]

The Benefits of Colloidal Silver Gel on the Skin

Silver has been known & used for its medicinal properties since antiquity. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, first described its use as an antimicrobial agent in 400BC. These days, the use of silver nanoparticles – also called “Colloidal Silver” – is known to have the exceptional ability of killing germs and is being promoted […]

5 Beauty Benefits of Magnesium

You likely haven’t heard the word magnesium thrown around so much since 10th grade’s chemistry class — until the last few months. All of a sudden, there’s a lot of buzz around it, as it’s dubbed as one of the ultimate supplement for troubled sleeping. Actually, it seems to be recommended for anything from anxiety […]